With more than 25 years of experience in the creative industry, Dave Pasciuto is an award-winning creative director who has worked in virtually every design industry with high-end projects that touch every market. In the past three years alone, Dave has won
11 distinguished awards and accolades.
Dave is a rare type of do-it-all designer with work experience as an illustrator, concept artist, environment artist, 3D visual effects artist, animator, motion designer, and compositor! Over the course of his career, he has worked as an artist and team leader with several notable studios, including Framestore, Leviathan, Dose Pictures, Vitamin Pictures, and more. Disney, Marvel, Warner Bros, Star Wars, Microsoft, and dozens of other prolific corporate clients have published his work.

After earning his certificate and creative training at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, he has transitioned into the role of teacher, speaker, and leader. His involvement in curriculum design and artist training at the Gnomon School, Gnomon Workshop, Columbia College Chicago, Ai, Flashpoint, and now Chimirus have shaped the careers of more than 1,000’s of students world wide. Dave’s experience behind the design table and as a leader is deep, diverse, and proven to work in the real world.
2017 SILVER PM360 Pharma Choice - Ultrashape Social Media Campaign
2017 GOLD Horizon Awards - Ronald McDonald Pop Tab Campaign
2017 Winner Med Ad News - Ronald McDonald Pop Tab Campaign
2017 SILVER Communicator Award - Heifer EADD Project
2017 SILVER Communicator Award - Ronald McDonald Pop Tab Campaign
2017 SILVER Communicator Award - Ultrashape Video
2016 SILVER Horizon Awards - Ultrashape Campaign - Video
2016 Heart Award - Med Ad NewsHackMed Health House
2016 GOLD National Health Information Awards - Ronald McDonald Pop Tab Campaign
2016 SILVER Rx Club - Ronald McDonald Pop Tab Campaign
2015 Winner Davey Awards - Ultrashape Video

Adobe Creative Cloud - Busted Bots Feature
Atomic Sketch Panelist - @AtomicSketch
Master Your Portfolio - @Chimirus - @International School of Comics
Character Design Workshop - @Chimirus - @CGCookie
Rebel Yell Gallery show - @ToydeJour
Chicago Adobe Creative Jam Speaker - @CreativeJam
Character Design Workshop - @Chimirus - @Rotofugi
PM360 Magazine - 2017 Greatest Creators - PM360
Making Art Work Event - @Chimirus
Something's going on Here Gallery show - @ToydeJour
Rabid Robot Rampage Gallery show - @TheNorthdown
Chicago C4D Presentation - Dose Pictures @Chicagoc4d
Mythical Creatures Gallery show @SideshowGallery
The Gnomon Workshop - Interview
Robot Envy - Creative Bloq

Robot Envy - Book Design Blog 
Robot Envy Robot Envy
Robot Envy Release Party & Gallery Show @Rotofugi
Robot Envy: Zenith Kickstarter 2015
Armature Magazine - Columbia College 2014 - Interview
Character Visualization for Games Gallery Show @Rotofugi
Robot Envy - Kickstarter 2012
Logo Lounge 2 - Logo Lounge 2
Logo Lounge 3 - Logo Lounge 3
Logo Lounge Master Library 2 - Logo Lounge Master Library 2
Wizard World - Exhibitor 2009


Industry Night - Almost Gold - October 25th 2018
Master your Portfolio - @International School of Comics - July 20th 2018
Industry Night - CG Cookie - May 22nd 2018
Making Art Work - Flashpoint - April 22nd 2018
Character Design - CG Cookie - January 27th 2018
Character Design - Rotofugi - January 27th 2018
Making Art Work - Next Now - August 11th 2017
Making Art Work - Teams Design - August 11th 2017
Adobe Creative Jam Chicago - Adobe - October 11th 2018
Chicago C4D Presentation - Dose Pictures @Chicagoc4d
5-Minute Photoshop - Dose Pictures
Rapid Viz Techniques - Dose Pictures
Instruction - Photoshop for Digital Production - The Gnomon Workshop
Instruction - Photoshop for Digital Production - Gnomon School
Art Instructor for Columbia College Chicago - IAM
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