An award-winning creative professional with a background in advertising, film, video games, and design.

Although Potbelly has over 400 stores globally, they will always remain Chicago's neighborhood sandwich shop. Their "Love of Lunch" campaign involved 3, fully 2d animated broadcast spots, with several edits and cut-downs for social media.
They were; Food-Zilla, Tie-Wag, and Cupid—which all were tremendously fun to work on. 

I collaborated with Potbelly and Delicious Design League to produce and Art Direct the animation. Since the quirky illustration style matched Potbelly's branding and their  "Love of Lunch" campaign required complimentary animation with a fun energy. 
Creative Direction: Potbelly, Dan Margulis 
Executive Producer: Potbelly, Lisa Burke
Design and Illustration: Delicious Design League
Line Producer DDL: Dave Pasciuto
Edit & Animation: Colin Craig
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